In what gives off an impression of being the new Slenderman to target kids on the web, another dreadful character has assumed control over the web called ‘Momo’.

‘Momo’ is a viral test that urges children to include a contact WhatsApp who will then dog them with rough pictures and sets out, the last one being for the kid to submit suicide.

The test initially began after a photo of a lady design coursed the web.

The bizarre lady has augmented highlights including swelling eyes. It had been ripped off from Japanese doll craftsman Midori Hayashi.

Midori is known for making dolls identified with loathsomeness and as of late showed his work in a craftsmanship display in Tokyo, Japan.


To improve the frightening variable of the dolls, the craftsman utilizes creature stays to make the groups of his figures.

Be that as it may, he is particularly centered around making similar eyes in every one of his dolls, which is a prominent element in the ‘Momo’ doll with immense, protruding students.

Other than the immense eyes, the doll additionally has a huge mouth that bends upward along its thin face that spreads nearly the total of his face.

Midori, in spite of making the doll, isn’t related with the ongoing test that has flowed the web.

The test — which apparently has just pulled in kids in the United States, Argentina, France, Mexico and Germany — may be connected to the demise of a 12-year-old young lady from Escobar, Argentina.

The Momo challenge comes after the Slenderman challenge assumed control over the web a couple of years prior and brought about a few youngsters being wounded to death by their companions.

The anecdotal character — which started from a craftsmanship challenge in 2009 — highlighted an unpleasant figure with long appendages and a clear face.

After the craftsmanship began to flow like what has occurred with ‘Momo’, young people and youngsters began to get influenced by the dreadful stories made about the figure.

Morgan Geyser, a 15-year-old from Wisconsin, attracted her companion into the forested areas in 2014 with another young lady and cut her 19 times to death. Thereafter, Morgan asserted she did it to awe the anecdotal character Slenderman and has since been condemned to 40 years in a mental clinic.


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